Welcome to Parmar Coaching Institute

About Us

PCI was created in 2007 by the vision to provide best education in school level and competition level for bright future for students. We have a vision to provide ideal platform that can bring difference. With the stable core faculty of PCI We provide compatible environment for students to achieve their targets. Today, we and our students has achieved more than what we want.

The achievements of our students have inspiring stories and their faith in PCI. With this faith we believe in a mission to provide great education.

Our Mission

  • To provide excellence in the field of education.
  • To make concept cleared to students.
  • In to believe effective communication for better delivery of knowledge with the help of modern technology.
  • Is to believe in well educated not in well trained.

Why should a student choose PCI ?

Our value added system reveals, what we are and what we provide. We are always with our students life time. We do what we say.


Quality of work has great excellence over quantity. One should not compromise with quality. Our quality of work is revealed by our achievements. Our achievements tell everything about us.

We believe in quality of work. We follow widespread training process for a teacher before to be a faculty of PCI. Having full time faculty in all subjects ensures highly conceptual and technical delivery of information.


Mrs. RK Parmar